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Event Countdown Pro Android App

December 20, 2011

Thank you for your interest in the Event Countdown Pro Android App. This app will help you count down to the important events of your life. It will also serve as a personal reminder so you will never forget or miss these events.

Some features of the app includes:

  • A comprehensive list of upcoming events counting down in real-time to the matter of seconds. Events can be edited and deleted right from the list.
  • Add new events to your list at any time. For each event, add any number of reminders and the app will remind you about the event at correct times.
  • A view showing the details and count down for each event. Touch the event location to show it in Google Map.
  • A home-screen app widget showing the count down of the earliest upcoming event.

Some screen-shots of the app:

App demo:

Available in Android Market

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please send them to

Happy counting down!!!